The tenement

Attractive property in the heart of Łódź – with great investment potential
Antique and historical, Mieczyslaw Pinkus’s second house, built in neoclassical style and in technically good condition, located on an area of 0,1520 ha oraz c.a. 5000 m2 of usable area with the possibility to increase it to 5500 m2


Currently, it has the function of residential and office space with the possibility of conversion to multi-unit residential and commercial function, Hotel or health care team or education, including adaptations to current European requirements:

– Łódź City Centre – excellent location with regards to public transport, cultural and recreational facilities and public institutions;

– Regulated legal status and permission of the conservator to modify the interior;

– 6 levels of spacious apartments (surface area 5000 m2 and the average height of 4,2 m) – individual levels are well suitable for separate apartments with access to sanitary rooms;

– Spacious and well lightened cellar, perfectly suitable to transform it into pubs, cafés, art galleries or additional parking space

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